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Passing Lane--Thoughts
As we know, Yonkers Raceway got rid of their passing lane in time for the 2018 racing season.  And, so far, the racing and handle has been better.  

Last night (January 26) there were 10 races and only four saw a horse "wire" the field.  Now, I didn't watch every race and I am taking my data from who was leading at each call--when I see 1s for each split, I am assuming that the winner wired the field.  

But, in the other races, we saw horses go from 5th and 6th to victory.  The one race I did watch saw Regil Elecktra come from way back to win in 1:55.1.  She was 5th, 5th and 4th at each panel.  

What I'm seeing is drivers making moves much earlier in the race---or as they, pulling earlier.  I'm also seeing more action down on the backside both going to the quarter and then going to the 3/4, and even though single file racing will never go away, there has been less of it at the "new," Yonkers Raceway.  

Personally, I'm not a fan of the passing lane.  I hated to see a horses tuck in the two-hole and wait for the track to widen in the home stretch.  There was no reason for the driver to pull knowing that passing lane would be there.  But, there are many tracks that will keep the passing lane.  I spoke to the Operations Director at Buffalo Raceway over the phone and he told me that having a passing lane makes no difference.  I disagree, but each track will do their own thing.

I watch a lot of racing from Yonkers, it is my main track, so I like what I'm seeing so far.  

What do you folks think of the passing lane????????????

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