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I got booted from Cal Expo last night!
I went to Cal Expo last night, January 21, 2018.  It was a Sunday evening.  They have no live racing, just TV racing from Los Alamitos, Hawthorne and a few other tracks.  It's my night off from work, I want to play the ponies and drink a little beer.  I was doing OK but then hit a bad streak and lost my money.  I had left my ATM card with a friend for safe keeping.  I called him and told him to stop at my bank and withdraw $300 and bring it to me.  In the meantime, they had cut off beer sales at around 6pm.  They had closed the bar and the concession stand altogether even though the simulcasting goes on to about 9pm.  Anyways, my money arrives, I decide that I'm going to take a shot at getting even.  I risk the whole $300 betting to show on #5 in the fifth race at Hawthorne Harness.  I win and it pays only $2.40  which means I make $60 profit on my $300 bet.  So I parlay it into the next race which is Los Alamitos race #4, I bet $360 to place on the favorite, #2.  It wins, pays a paltry $2.60, but my profit is $108.  So in the last two races, I had wagered $660.  I got even for the night and went into the bar area.  I wanted to have a beer but there was none available.  So I did something that I truly regret.  I poured myself a beer from the taps that were still open.  Hey, I had just wagered $660 in the last two races, I felt like celebrating.  Well before I got done, some young blonde lady comes running into the room and starts shouting at me.  She then goes to get a security guard and they kick me out.  Now, first of all, I don't bet on average $300 a race, I was just taking a shot at getting even.  But normally I bet between $20-$100 a race.  I showed a few of the employees as well as some patrons my voucher which was nearly $500.  The employees didn't care.  I had done something wrong, I should be punished without looking at the bigger picture.  I have supported this facility for over 30 years, betting far above the average that others bet.  Yes I did something I shouldn't have done, but the facility has no concessions open, plus the left the beer taps on.  Appearantly they don't value their customers anyway.  The impact of losing ANY customer if big because there aren't many horse players left anyways.  But the facility DOES employ people and I take care of them when I can.  For example, in the three beers I bought from Bambi the bartender before she closed down, I tipped her $9.  If she's working on a night of live racing, she knows I'll give her from $10-$20 in tips.  If the facility manager wants to verify I made these bets, if you can research the betting from Sunday night, Hawthorne Harness race 5, I made three $100 show bets on #5 in succession (total $300).  Then on Los Alamitos race 4, I made a $200 place bet on #2, a $100 place bet on #2, a $30 place bet on #2 and another $30 place bet on #2 ($360 total) all in succession.  It's up to Cal Expo to decide if they want me back.  I can bet online or quit altogether.  I wasn't trying to get one over on the simulcasting facility.  But they weren't providing their customers what they should have been doing.
Think about it this way, you broke even on a couple of good bets. You got to drink some (most??) of a free beer. You have a great story to tell.

Call it a good night because you didn't get roughed up or have the police called.
i paid for three beers before the bar closed, I always pay for my beer. I didn't get any free beer because this lady ran around shouting. But I got kicked out of Cal Expo and I'm never going back. The money I wagered there went to the purses of the Cal Expo horsemen as well as the purses at Los Alamitos and Hawthorne Harness Racing. In a year's time I probably tip the bartender $500-$1,000. But I'm done. When the ruckus was happening, even this lady who sold the programs came over and started piling on. Good bye Cal Expo employees. I'll miss Bambi the bartender, she was always nice and pleasant. But the rest of them are dregs. And the blonde shouting lady, you are actually an angel. I thank you because now I see the light.
Here's another example of Cal Expo's ineptitude. The previous week, they have some event where a bunch of newbies attend, part of some private party; people who don't know how to bet on the races; many who are at the races for the first time. So they give all of the people in this group a free program (harness programs have the past performances in them). And sure enough, they run out of programs. So if you showed up AFTER this group arrived, you can't get a program because they ran out. Imagine that? A seasoned bettor who was going to pay for a program, use his or her skill in handicapping the races, getting shut out if favor of newbies who don't even know how to read the thing. There's a very, very simple solution: If you knew the private party booked the facility, PRINT MORE PROGRAMS!! But it boggles the mind that this happens . . . because it's happened MANY times in the past! And you get there and hear the program seller making excuses about why they ran out.
Cal-exdough indeed!
You seem like a good guy but I'll bet Cal Expo believes you will be walking through their doors within a week.

I've seen plenty of people kicked out of tracks who vow never to return but they are usually there the next day.
How can I walk through their doors? I've been banned. And I take that as a sign to stay away for ever. I'll be in church on Sunday, not Cal Expo!
Sorry, I just took it that you were kicked out for the night. Give it a couple days and head back there. I suspect they won't give you a second look. If they do, ask to talk to a manager.
You gotta go back!   Give them another chance!
Nope, done there forever. Tired of being taken for granted. There are a lot of strange people who hang there. Tell the Cal Expo horsemen and women that their program seller chased me out!
I would write a letter.  In it, cover all the bases.  Apologize for the beer theft, explain your patronage and how you feel.  My hunch is that they come back to you with a free program, a betting voucher--something----to make things right.  Letters can work!   

But, it is up to you.  Some people can't recover.  If you can, great, if not, that is also great.  

If you go back, say hi to Gary Seidel for me.
I never stole a beer, I was caught in the act. And the only reason I even tried was because they cut off food and beverage sales at 6pm even though the betting goes on until 9. I run a beer tab nightly and pay every time. I put about one thousand dollars through the machines in just two hours on Sunday (that is exceptionally high--even for me, but I usually bet over $100 an hour, probably more). A couple of weeks back I lost over $400 playing, my get-even parlay that night failed. I only go at night because I just can't beat the thoroughbreds. I do exceptionally well at the live Cal Expo Harness and Hawthorne Harness. The Cal Expo horsemen put on a good show. I watch the races from the apron and all drivers are trying hard to win. I like harness because of the post-position angle. But the facility has always been run into the ground. No customer service training at all. I've never met Seidel, but I watch him handicapping the races, seems like a nice guy, good announcer. My beef with the program lady is that I've been buying programs from her for over a decade, bought some of her kid's school candy, and she wasn't around where the drama occurred yet she comes running up and says, "Throw him out!"

Congratulations program lady, you won, I lost. Good bye.
One last beef, the reason they close their bar and their concession stands at 6pm, in my opinion, is because they don't want to pay their workers two or three hours of overtime. The concession stand has just two workers. If they were paying them minimum wage, that's $22 each for the last two hours (closing down the stand at 8pm would be acceptable if they announced it over the PA system). So then it would cost them $44 for the two of them or $66 since it's overtime. The concession manager/wizard thinks that it's not feasible to leave the stand open. So screw the patrons who play on Sunday night. Why can't you absorb a little bit of a loss to keep your customers happy, especially when you're making money off of their bets? And the Sunday night crowd is the die-hards. There's no thoroughbreds, no live racing, they're there to gamble. I'd bet their per-capita is fairly high. I'm sure the concession manager is the same person who gives free programs to the newbies and shuts out the regulars.
Seems they are forgetting that it's much cheaper to keep a regular customer happy than to attract a new customer.
From my experience, the concession stands are run by a third party. I'm sure they have a contract that the track could force them to work but maybe they don't see the need without input from the customers.
I tried to steal a beer, that's not a good thing.

I accept my punishment.

I will not be back.

Think of the thousands of dollars I'm saving.

Plus, I'll never go to a gambling establishment alone, it's unhealthy.

Happy harness racing!

Ta-ta . . .
Disappointed you won't be back. Let us know if you decide otherwise.

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