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Opening Day--Saratoga Raceway
I made it out there yesterday.  Beautiful day, 55 degrees and sunny.  12 race card, good feature race.  I talked to a few trainers and will have a story up later today on my website, and I will also post the link here.  

The crowd was surprisingly strong despite very little publicity and build up.  

[Image: getPart?uid=41700&partId=2&scope=STANDAR...esized.jpg]
There is your Race 12 winner, Sporty Spook, who paced the mile in 1:55.2!
[Image: getPart?uid=41702&partId=2&scope=STANDAR...esized.jpg]
Unfortunately those images are showing up. Apparently they are from your email account which is password protected.
It's good to hear that the crowds were impressive. Having the nice weather in this part of the country is helping out.
The story

Sorry about the images---I will keep trying.
Hope you got one of the t-shirts before they were all gone. It's good to see more people showed up on opening day than expected, even if it meant a few didn't get their shirt.
The t-shirts were long gone by the third race-----lol.   Maybe next year
Saratoga opening day handle was over $469,000; yesterday it was $281,000. Of course, the cards were 12 and 10 races respectively, but on Sunday, an average of $39,000 was bet per race compared to $28,000 per race on Presidents Day.

Bottom line: Getting people to the track helps! I call it marketing, not sure what others call it. The sport has appeal! Is anybody listening? Or as they say in Niagara Falls, “Who listening?”
Interestingly, Presidents Day was typically one of the more advertised racing holidays in the past. Multiple items were only a $1 including special bets, concession items, and programs for the various tracks. It was a great way to celebrate a holiday that really didn't have much of a tie to any other celebrations. It would be great to see the race tracks embrace THAT holiday as THEIR holiday.

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