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What Harness Track is Used in this Cheesy Movie?
"Winner Take All" is the name of this 1975 flick about a lady who's a compulsive gambler.  In two scenes, she goes to the harness races.  My question to you is:  What track is used in the movie?  It took me a little while but I finally figured it out.

Link to movie:
Well it is clearly California with the California flag flying in one of the scenes. Not ever been to California and not knowing the amount of tracks in the mid 70s, I'll wait for a more educated answer than I could give.
Don't leave us hanging. Not sure we have alot of California people on here...
The movie was made in 1975. Yes the Calif flag is hanging plus there are palm trees in the infield. Another clue: It's a one-mile track. So what Calif tracks had daytime harness racing in 1975? Another clue: There's no turf course at this track. See if you can figure it out.
Cal-Expo or Hollywood Park are the only two that I can think of that this could be. Any other harness tracks in California at that time?
Those are two very good guesses. Hollywood Park had a turf course in 1975, so it's eliminated. Cal-Expo and Bay Meadows also had harness racing at the time. In the movie, fast forward to the timeframe of 28:55

Now watch this video at the timeframe 2:54

The tote boards are exactly the same; the flagpole is the same but the biggest proof is that big green bush behind the flagpole that's inside the infield. Notice the big white sign that's visible just to the left of the flagpole that's directly in front of the green bush. What was bothering me was the fact that the turf course was there. I did some research, and it wasn't easy to find, but the Longden Turf Course at Bay Meadows wasn't installed until 1978.

Also, there were a few errors in the movie. When Shirley Jones is in the bathroom at the track, she looks at a program. Go back to the movie at the timeframe of 31:05. Notice how this is a thoroughbred program because of it's size and it lists the jockey's weights. But also, at that timeframe, look at the name of the #3 horse . . . kind of creepy?

Furthermore, Shirley goes on to bet $30,000 on some horse. In reality, a $30,000 win bet would make the odds go from 5-1 to 1-5. I like it when she pulls out the checkbook, wanting more action.
I have to admit that I slowed it down by that scene to see if I recognized it..which I didn't.

Here are a couple screen shots:


Also wondered about winning that much money and not having to go to the IRS window. Were the rules different back then or was that a flub in the movie?
Very true. Betting that amount of money, I was hoping Shirley Jones was a cougar!!
I didn't watch the full movie but what I did watch was actually pretty decent. Dug around a little to find that it was a made for TV movie. Fairly good compared to some of the crap they produced back then. A couple of decent stars too.
Can you post a screenshot of the movie at 31:05? She's looking at the program. I want you to see the name of the #3 horse. Ewww . . .
LOL. Interesting name. Reminds me of some of our names we pick at our "Night at the Races" fundraisers. The one that always sticks out to me is "Hoof Hearted." First time I saw it, I thought, what the heck. Then I said it out loud. Made more sense then...

I think the Hollywood guys making the movie did it as a gag. Thanks for the screenshot!
Probably. Could have had more fun if they really worked at it.

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