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Where's everybody from?
Johnny 228

aka Johnny Furgele

Grew up:  suburban Buffalo/Niagara Falls, NY

Now lives:  Glenmont, NY, 5 minutes from Albany NY
Grew up and now live in the Akron, OH area.
Cleveland, OH
Aurora, OH. Once we were home to two amusements parks...Sea World and Geauga Lake / Six Flags.
Geauga Lalkes the place! Wasn't that their marketing slogan??????

Geauga Lake was great back in the 70s to 90s. When it was taken over by Six Flags, it nosedived quickly. We purchased season passes for GL in the late 90s through the mid 2000s. It was a nice quiet park and if you were bored, you could head there in the evening and have a great time thanks to those season passes. When Six Flags took over, they oversold the season passes and understaffed the place. It was miserable.

I always remember the best days to go to GL were on days that it rained most of the day and the sun came out late afternoon. Very few people in the park and the season pass included parking for the year. Being 30 minutes away, it was a great afternoon evening getting on all the rides quickly. THAT ended when Six Flags massive season pass push in the area made the park busy no matter the weather.

Now we have a season pass for Cedar Point. A little more of a drive and takes more preparation to go there but it's a great park that is rarely overcrowded.
Boardman. It's just outside of Youngstown on the border between Ohio and Pennsylvania. Close enough to go to The Meadows and Northfield. Both are nice tracks.
Meadows looks like nice place----a friend of mine goes there for the simulcasting.

Northfield Park was very nice to me.  I emailed them to find out 2017 dates and they sent them to me before they released them to the public.  I felt like a VIP…lol

Boardman--home of Bernie Kosar!!!!
Yep, Bernie is still a legend in NEO. He actually has a restaurant in the Rocksino next to Northfield Park.

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