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NBA: Can anyone beat the Warriors in 2018?
Getting this started early, can anyone defeat the Warriors in 2018 or are they too loaded?
After almost a month, no one seems to be able to find someone who can beat the Warriors. Looks like they have a little more competition in the West and virtually no competition in the East. LeBron is not getting any younger and the Cavs window is almost closed.
Warriors got off to a lousy 5-3 start as of November 2nd. Remember, hard to repeat.
It won't be the Cavs. They are imploding. It is looking like the real championship will be played in the Western Conference Finals. The East is just too weak. Maybe the Celtics make it there this year.
LeBron went for 57 tonight. Maybe its not over for the Cavs quite yet.
The NBA must have gotten the memo that the regular season means nothing because they have the two frontrunners off to rough starts.
I agree that the West is the best, but also agree that LeBron is MVP
Lets see if Lebron can make it the entire season. Age is catching up to him. He still has the ability to go off but I'm thinking he's be lucky to play in 70 games this year with the planned off games for him.

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