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Big news from WEG
Today, Woodbine Entertainment Group conducted the draw for Saturday's Pepsi North America Cup.  In addition, the announced that Mohawk Racetrack will become a full-year operational harness track.  They didn't come right out and say it, but with Mohawk going to a 12-month schedule, there will no longer be standardbred racing at Woodbine.  

Mohawk will undergo a $10 million refurbishment and will be winterized.  The facility will be rebranded as Woodbine at Mohawk Park.  

The Pepsi North America Cup is a $1 million race for 3-year-old pacers.

Not sure, is this good news or bad news. Seems like another harness track closing up.
Sounds like good news to me in that they are putting money into the facility. Trying to run two tracks adequately or trying to run one track successfully. I would take the latter.
It is not bad news. Woodbine owns both tracks and they want to consolidate. Mohawk is better for harness racing and now they can race there all-year, stable the horses there year-round and streamline things. They will probably install a second turf course at Woodbine and now, they will rebrand as “Two Breeds, One Brand.”

In Canada, when you think of horse and harness racing, you’ll think Woodbine. I love the move, personally. There are still plenty of tracks that share meets per se, ala Buffalo and Batavia, Rosecroft and Ocean, and to a lesser extent, Freehold and Meadowlands, but I like tracks like Monticello and Yonkers; tracks that race 48 to 50 weeks per year. Now, Woodbine at Mohawk can do the same.

They will race this winter 17-18 at Woodbine while Mohawk gets winterized, but after this winter, Woodbine at Mohawk will be the place for Canadian harness racing. Of course, Western Fair is there for the Triple A races, so there will be plenty of winter racing to go round in Ontario.

Disclaimer: I do not work for Woodbine….lol
Fair enough. There seems to have been plenty of closures lately and this maybe isn't for the same reasons. I would like to see some expansion in the sport even though that is a longshot for the near future.
I know that they are trying to get a track in Adams County PA, near Gettysburg. There is one racino license available in the state and they are trying to get another track.
No more....
That's too bad. I understand the reluctance to opening a track near a historic site but I'm sure that strip malls and other sprawling business could popup and people wouldn't complain.
I love harness racing, but I don't wager very much on it---the sports needs gamblers to survive, I get that. But, how can all these racinos, casinos and harness tracks and thoroughbred tracks sustain. At Yonkers Raceway, when they show races, they show the parking lots. There are always tons of cars in it and most of the occupants of those cars are in the racino. What do these people do to spend so much money at these places? Where do they get the money? Are the skipping the electric bill this month to make riches at Empire City?

Please tell me. That said, with LeVan abandoning plans for a racino in Adams County, there is still one more license for PA to give out. The wise thing might be to NOT give it out, but somebody will probably apply for it.

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