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Trip to Yonkers Raceway
My family and I went to Yonkers Raceway yesterday (six of us) and first and foremost, I have to thank them for indulging my passion.  

Some observations---

-they could use more operator assisted betting windows on the grandstand as lines were longer than they really had to be.

-could it be cleaner?  Yes.  Could it be dirtier?  Yes

-the racing, with increased purses is very good.  Yesterday featured four 1 1/4 mile "French trots," with 12 horse fields and some good betting options.  

-On Saturday, they did not allow place or show wagering in the $340,000 Art Rooney Pace.  Even thought the favorite was 1/9, that is absurd.  I guess they didn't want to pay $30 to a person who went $200 across the board, but even the publicity director who I chatted with called the move chicken shit--and he draws a paycheck from the track!

-The good news is the YR is moving the start/finish line back 30 yards.  Now, the start is basically on the turn and moving it back will create more action at the start and more down the backstretch on lap 2.  

-I am hoping to visit Buffalo Raceway next Saturday when I am back in WNY visiting some friends and I'll be sure to report back if that happens.
Sounds like a good time. Interesting about needing more tellers. I've wondered whether tellers would make a bit of a comeback after the last couple of decades in a move towards electronic ticket machines. Seems that people new to the sport and those that are regulars would both have a reason to visit the live tellers.

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