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This is the problem
Northfield could do better You need to give slots people betting vouchers and have people showing new patrons how to bet.I saw two well-dressed males come in at Northfield and buy form sand ask the clerk how to read and bet.She told them see the mutual clerk.They looked at each other and left. You also need to go to local colleges and give betting vouchers and free beer tickets. You don't have to pay $3 million dollars for advertising

This was in today's Harness Racing Update----very sad.   They rely on the slots and short staff the racing part of the track.   These guys will not come back and moreover, will tell people of their experience.   

The sad thing is that the racing has been very good.  In last night's Levy Final at Yonkers, it was a true free-for-all when Keystone Velocuty held off Somewhere in LA to win the $529,000 race in 1:51.1

At Buffalo, in a mere $10,000 Open, Hot Deuce was able to to beat Studio City in 1:53.1.  The racing and the races is not the problem.  If you can get people interested, they might stick around.  The horses are the stars, but the people try to ruin the sports by failing to promote it properly.
Agreed. There is not much excitement at Northfield. They need to have betting tutorials. Make the customers feel welcome. I remember my first time at Northfield and I felt very awkward...and that was 30 years ago. They treat the customers like they should know what they are doing and don't want to waste the time working with the newbies.

My first time at the slots at the Hardrock Casino, I was totally confused. It was late and there wasn't anyone around to help me out. That was my first and only time going to the casino. I would rather spend my time at the track where I feel comfortable.

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