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NBA Basketball Discussion
What do you think of the NBA? Favorites this year? Who wins the title? MVP?
Cavs aren't looking too hot lately but will turn it on come playoff time.
What do you think of the NBA?
I watch a few games a year. Don't really get excited until the playoffs.

Favorites this year?
San Antonio/Golden State and Cleveland

Who wins the title? MVP?
LeBron James
Cavs are in a funk right now.Three game losing streak.
I went to the Cavs game tonight. First time I've ever seen LeBron at a pro game, though I have seen him in HS a couple of times.

Very disappointing loss to the Hawks. Not sure the Cavs are going to have enough to repeat this year.
Cavs are done. Stick a fork in them.
Starting to wonder if the Cavs will get out of the first round. Sadly, it look like LeBron is on a fast fade these last couple of weeks.
Just saw that the Cavs finished 2nd in the East. Not a good finish for the Wine & Gold.
Cavs squeak by the Pacers in the first game. 14 of 27 from the Free Throw line. Not good.
Cavs are looking to sweep the Pacers after an incredible comeback last game...

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