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Full Version: Welcome to the new HarnessPost.com
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Welcome to the new HarnessPost.com

This site will grow to become one of the best places to discuss harness racing...

Just some information about what this site is about:

1. This site will be for mature discussion about Harness Racing. Too many sites degenerate into personal attacks and offensive language/ideas.

2. I will be here to moderate the threads to maintain a quality site.

3. This site will be for the growth of the sport and introduce new people to the joy of watching/wagering on these great horses.
Keep the haters out of here and I think you'll have a good thing.
So far, it is a small group, but sometimes less is more----welcome aboard.   I get very defensive of harness racing.  When I bring it up, many say that it si the last thing they would want to watch; that's why this site will be good. A real forum for real fans.

I have my own website, http://www.harnessracing228.com  if you ant to read some longer columns and the such.  So far not many readers, but writing is my hobby, but I will hope that a following will occur.